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This site was being hosted and served by a Macintosh SE/30 running MacOS 7.5.5 (the machine you see pictured above), but now resides on an awesome Macintosh Color Classic II running at a brisk 33MHz! The Macinosh Color Classic II is a really special computer - it's the final Mac in the original "Compact Mac" series, and the final Compact Mac to have a built-in 10" color screen.

This website was formerly hosted on a Macinosh SE/30 - the SE/30 is a 16MHz computer built in 1989. Mine shipped with 2 megabytes of RAM, a floppy drive, and an 80-meg internal SCSI ("Scuzzy") hard drive. It has recently been upgraded with a custom 32-bit ROM, 68 megabytes of RAM, and a 4,000-megabyte Solid-State Drive. She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts, kid. I've made a lot of special modifications myself. Thanks for visiting!

This project to restore and upgrade this vintage Mac couldn't have been successful without some amazing resources around the web - here are some links that might be interesting or helpful to anyone interested in these fantastic old machines!

The 68k Macintosh Liberation Army - easily the best and most-active forum on the Web relating to vintage Apple stuff. I've been a member here since ~2000 and this group never fails to be the best (and often only) source of correct info and guidance on restoring and operating old Apple stuff

Reddit's Vintage Apple group - a great alternative to the 68kMLA forum linked above

Big Mess O Wires - this is the source of the "Mac ROM-Inator II" ROM upgrade that I added to my SE/30. It gives my old Mac a "32-bit clean" ROM (so it can use all that extra RAM I added without relying on wonky software patches), custom startup sounds and icons, and a lean/fast OS built right into the motherboard, which is super handy for testing and troubleshooting. Also it's red and looks really cool :-)

Inertial Computing - the store where I purchased the "SCSI2SD" adapter which lets me use a 4GB MicroSD card as a cool, silent and fast internal hard drive. This same adapter is usable in a huge range of vintage computers (I'm going to get one for my Amiga stuff next!), and is just awesome

LIDO 7 SCSI formatting software - this was the only tool I was able to find which could make sense of the SD card attached to the SE/30 with the SCSI2SD board linked above. Anyone attempting to replicate my setup here would be wise to skip tinkering with all the various "patched" versions of Apple's drive-formatting tools and just go right to LIDO, since it worked perfectly and quickly the first time

Other World Computing - these folks have been the #1 online store for Mac users for as long as I can remember, and in this instance, they supplied the 64 megabytes of RAM that I added to the stock RAM this SE/30 had when I found it. It felt great buying new RAM (under warranty!) for a 30-year-old computer, and I can't recommend them highly enough

MacHTTP.org - this is the amazing (and free!) software that allows Macs like mine to function as modern(ish) webservers. It's pretty incredible that it works at all, but even more amazing that it works so well

Jag's House - One of the longest-running sites I know of which provides useful guidance and downloads for early-generation Macs 


Drop me an email at hdunsany@mac.com 

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